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Rampant Voter Fraud up to 20% and now Disability Fraud!

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus made an accurate claim on MSNBC today, alleging that Wisconsin is a state “that was absolutely riddled with voter fraud.”  Absolutely! It is so prominent that it’s reached up to 20% of the votes.


Not only that, but now the democrats are committing fraud to get access to disability insurance.  Now up to 75% of the people you see in wheelchairs, well, they are faking it!  They not only can walk, but they can run too!  

Our parking spots are taken up by people with handicap signs, democrats and liberals, who have paid off their doctors in order to receive them.  They get preferential seating at the baseball game too!  What socialists.

From now on, we need to create a commission that provides oversight in how we grant disability.  Each person must be required to come in, forced to stand, and see what the result is.  If they refuse to do this, that means the are faking it.  Remember, it is the older people who would fake this the most because they haven’t had a job and can’t get one so this acts as their entire income.  It’s just what democrats do.


Let’s work together to save America from rampant voter fraud, and seniors pretending that they can’t walk. And remember, the democrats have this con going and we need to take a stand, once and for all!

And, go, Republicans who are against the disabled, 2012!


It’s been a while since I’ve been busy.  Hopefully I’ll have some more time to write he and out.  I have yet to read this paper, but it’s only 10 pages and published by Jerry Coyne.  The paper is titled: Evolution.  Guess what it’s about.  Here’s a link.  And yes, it’s free.  Go to his blog if that link fails or if you don’t read his blog regularly.  It’s among the best on these topics.  Here’s the abstract:

American resistance to accepting evolution is uniquely high among First World countries. This is due largely to the extreme religiosity of the United States, which is much higher than that of comparably advanced nations, and to the resistance of many religious people to the facts and supposed implications of evolution. The prevalence of religious belief in the United States suggests that outreach by scientists alone will not have a huge effect in increasing the acceptance of evolution, nor will the strategy of trying to convince the faithful that evolution is compatible with their religion. Because creationism is a symptom of religion, another strategy to promote evolution involves loosening the grip of faith on America. This is easier said than done, for recent sociological surveys show that religion is highly correlated with the dysfunctionality of a society, and various measures of societal health show that the United States is one of the most socially dysfunctional First World countries. Widespread acceptance of evolution in America, then, may have to await profound social change.

I’ll try to write later today.  Anyways, it’s 4am.  Oops.

An Atheist’s Passover

People tend to be curious about how I celebrate certain holidays.  For Passover, I respond with, “We went Passover shopping–we bought a bag of Bazooka Gum–and that is that.”  The second Seder?  That was at Houlihans, always a safe bet for a Pesadicha meal.  Or, um, a good meal.


So now you know how we celebrate Passover on the second night.

Gas Prices

It’s been in the news a lot lately and now I got this email:

Ok, so let’s investigate these “soaring” gas prices.  I went ahead and checked out gas prices before President Obama took office.  That is, before the start of this GOP graph.  Here is the result:

Now, you can easily see how the GOP tries to trick you.  The prices dove to levels that haven’t been seen in about 8 or so years (note, this is crude oil but it should be about the same):

Now, under what President prices started to go up?  President Bush in his first term.

Ok, so we now have established that President Obama didn’t create the rise in gas prices, but what has he done to counter them?

In order to answer that question, we have to look at what causes gas prices to rise.  First of all, the US does have a lot of oil and this can be used for gasoline.  Other places on this planet also have oil.  So what does that mean?  Well, if other places can sell us oil at a cheaper rate than we can produce, we will do that, as well as, produce some of our own to consume.  The point is, producing a large amount of the oil in the US–oil dependency–will cause prices to rise.

Another reason is that there are other countries that want a lot of oil and thus, they will pay more for it.  Take China for example, they need a ton of oil to support their massive economy.  And what happens when they demand a lot of oil?  The prices go up.  This is a big cause of increasing gas prices.

Now there are other things that can cause prices to fluctuate, war (yes the ones we are in), oil spills, etc.  But what do these all have in common?  The President can’t directly control prices like many people think.

So, let’s look at what President Obama has done about this:,

American oil production is the highest that it’s been in eight years, and we are less reliant on foreign oil than at any time in the last 16 years. Natural gas production is at an all-time high.

Now, republicans always complain about how he has reduced our national security by relying on others for oil, etc  Here you can easily see that is not true:

So then, what has President Obama done?

He has lowered the dependence on foreign oil, increased production at home, all while keeping prices consistent or lower to the previous 4 years.  Republicans wanted independence from foreign oil, wanted more oil production at home and wanted gas prices lower.  This has for all practical purposes been done by President Obama.  And now, what has the delusional party acknowledged?  That prices are higher than the day President Obama took office.  That’s how you lie with statistics.

This is exactly how the republicans treat anything a democrat does, regardless of weather or not they wanted it.  When they get everything they asked for, it’s still not good enough.  So the question really is, are they actually that delusional?  I think it varies, but overall, it’s an overwhelming yes.

Now I should note, that a gas tax would be helpful.  See here:

“Family Values”

Ok, I think it’s time that we stop using the phrases “Christian values” or “southern values” or “family values.”  Or anything related.

Lets investigate to see what these phrases mean.  First of all, they are all used synonymously, so lets take “family values.”  Conservatives use this to exemplify that they like the family.  Or so they claim.  Now, who exactly doesn’t like a family?  Who wants it to be broken up?  I’m not sure.  What they really are saying is, that the are homophobic, racist, religious fanatics who force creationism and other religious dogma into other peoples lives.

Doesn’t forcing fanatical beliefs on others kind of seem, anti-family?  They are against same sex marriage–against allowing the creation of a “family”–unless it meets their narrow minded views.

Doesn’t talking about how much they hate children being born out of wedlock and that they are the cause of all of societies problems seem, kind of racist?  But there’s more.  They constantly try to increase this by being pro-life.  Oh wait!  They did it again, they have created an even worse scenario.  They now are trying to make birth control more expensive!  What would this accomplish?  Well, it would mean that less women have access to them and that there would be more babies being born to unwed mothers!  That is exactly what they are “against.”

So you see, not only are their “values” homophobic, they are also vehemently racist and sexist dogmatic beliefs.

Now, I think it’s time we stopped giving the republicans credit for “family values” or “southern values” or “religious values” or anything related.  Let’s call them what the are, values of a fucking douchebag, or values of a sexist asshole or values of lets fuck over our friends and lie about it.

You don’t need to be a republican to like the concept of a family.  In fact, it seems awfully hard to be a republican and like the concept of a family.

There’s A New Nutcase Around Town

Over the past couple of days, a video of a man by the name of Tommy Jordan went viral.  See here:

Now in this video, Jordan decides that since his daughter posted a note on HER Facebook about how many chores she has to do, the father freaks out.  The young woman is all but 15 years old.  The father then decides that since she did this the day after she was ungrounded after 3 months (3 months!  She’s 15!) for doing a similar thing (which he wouldn’t name), he should mimic what she did, post a video on Youtube and Facebook.

Ok, if you want more synopsis, watch the video.

Now the notes and I won’t go through every point:

1. His daughter is 15 years old.  –> Jordan spied on her Facebook.  This is essentially you finding her diary and reading it and then making a Youtube video about how you disagree with it and then tossing it in the fire and charging her for the paper and fire logs.

2. He punished his daughter before for 3 months for an unknown reason.  –> If you over-punish, obviously the person will rebel or complain.  I can think of very few reasons why someone would have to get a 3 month punishment.

3. Girls have a tremendously hard time through high school.  Society is very brutal on them.  More on this in point 7 and the info below.

4.  If you want to really teach her a lesson, quit smoking.  If not for your heath, for hers!  Passive smoke kills over 50,000 people in the US alone!  There’s no reason you can’t go a few minutes without smoking.  All you’re doing is promoting it.

5.  You use violence to make your point.  You shoot HER laptop 9 times.  You ruined a perfectly good computer.  Why not take it away and sell it for extra cash?  You didn’t because you thought it necessary to seek revenge.  And why do you need a .45 caliber pistol? Why do you need hollow point bullets?  There are over 31,000 gun deaths in the US annually!  You don’t need hollow point for “self defense.”

6. You now decide to ground your daughter for what seems like forever.

7.  By making this video, your intent was to humiliate your daughter.  Not locally, not nationally, but GLOBALLY.  This is abuse!  This is emotionally abusive.  You went through her stuff and abused her privacy!

8. Now some information you might want to think about.

Info: Over 50% of mental illness is through environmental pressures. OVER.  It is not all genetic.  Is humuliating a 15 year old girl globally an environmental contribution?  You bet.  She is at a very vulnerable age and there are better ways to discipline her.  Don’t you think that you would be embarrassed if every single person you meet knows about you through a Youtube video intentionally humiliating you?

How about sitting down and talking to her. Yeah, I know, you tried that.  Well try again.  We do it with North Korea, and you can do it with your daughter.  Furthermore, children rebel.  Plain and simple.  If this is her punishment for writing her thoughts out on Facebook, then what are you planning when she comes home drunk, or with drugs? Statistically, this will happen.  What are you gonna shoot now, the gas station attendant who sold her alcohol?  Sensible humans don’t resort to abuse, emotionally physically, or otherwise.

Now you’ve put yourself in a bad scenario.  Who does she come to when something actually bad happens and she needs advice on what to do?  She isn’t going to be able to count on you, because she knows you will erupt.

And no, this is not “tough love.”  This is “abusive love” and it doesn’t work.

There are countless more issues but these should be more than enough to explain the problems with Tommy Jordan’s thought process, or lack thereof.

Now I’m linking you to the father’s Facebook, to have you do what you’d like:

EDIT: And she is 15.  How do you expect her to find work?  There are child labor laws.  And she doesn’t have a car.

You should look at this too: