9/11 Discrediting the “9/11 Truth Movement”

Today, I spent a considerable amount of time reading Michael Shermer’s refutation of the 9/11 Truth Movement claims.

I figured being 9/11 I’ll skip the common statuses that people our posting and instead opt for a skeptic version. As of May 2010, as many as 15% of the population thinks that the US gov’t was responsible for the murder of 3,000 of it’s own citizens (The 9/11 Truth Movement.) Some of the usual claims are that steel does not melt until 2800 degrees whereas the fires won’t pass 1500 degrees. Or questioning how WTC 7 collapsed. Or that a plane never hit the Pentagon. Et cetera.

To rational people, these claims are absurd. There was no evidence that steel melted and at some estimates the fire reached 1800 degrees which would cause the steel to lose 90% of its integrity thus leading to collapse. WTC 7 had a gaping whole in it that wasn’t visible from the north or east side leading some to question how it collapsed (it was clearly visible from the south side and there are pictures of this.) And a plane did clearly hit the Pentagon. Look at the pictures. It doesn’t look like as much damage as the Towers because they had glass windows versus concrete for the Pentagon. These are just some of the claims made by the 9/11 Truth Movement and like most conspiracy theorists, they selectively look at evidence and discard everything that points in the other direction. These “truthers” are nothing short of lunatics and I do realize like other irrational people, when you present them with evidence it just serves to reassure them of their absurd beliefs. But, for those willing to look critically at the ridiculous claims of this unfortunate movement in much greater detail than I have provided,

Here is an excellent article (it is long, but you should read it all) by Michael Shermer:http://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/06-09-11/

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