Another Disappointment

Because of the Obama’s decision to disregard all of the science and advice from scientists, we will not save 12,000 American lives, 58,000 asthma attacks and 2.5 million missed days of school or work each year. By 2020 the following will have occurred: 2.8 million additional serious respiratory illnesses and nearly a million additional missed school days, all amounting to about $5.4 billion in costs.

Again, Obama is giving in to Big Oil because it isn’t enough that ExxonMobil makes a measly $43 Billion a year. Oh and they paid $0 in taxes to the IRS in 2009. But even that isn’t enough, they need $4 Billion in subsidies since you know, they can hardly get by. Let the lawsuits begin!

At this point, really what else is to be expected?

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