Republican Debate. Yes, I actually sat through it.

I think the most telling thing from last nights moronic debate, erm, I mean republican debate is when the question about whether Rick Perry has any trouble sleeping at night after overseeing the execution of 235 people. This included 7 foreign nationals, at least one innocent man (Cameron Todd Willingham), juveniles, those who had very poor representation (ie., their attorneys literally fell asleep in the trials), and two men who were accomplices but did not actually commit murder.

The kind of person who is viewed as the front runner for the Republican nomination expressed no qualms about giving to OK for these people to be killed and is somehow running in the party of “morals and family values.”

Oh, and why this was the most telling of the Republicans was because it received the most applause out of every single moment in the debate. When you have an entire room applauding the murder of people, clearly something is wrong.

One thought on “Republican Debate. Yes, I actually sat through it.

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