Another “Poor” Republican

Another two to add to the ASSHOLE list: Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) and Rep. John Fleming (R-LA)

In the most recent year where data are available, 2009, Rep. Campbell was worth up to $37 MILLION.  Today he said, “I don’t want to raise my taxes.”  Yes, that’s because you plan on feeding your family with $37 million and you obviously can’t afford to help other people out or the economy.

Also today, Rep. Fleming complained about his taxes:

While it is fine that he has money, the problem lies in the he earned $6.3 million last year alone and claims that, “By the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 left over.”  But, even with $400,000 left over, he would be at the very top of earners.  What kind of person would be sad for only having an extra $400,000 a year?  The answer, a Republican.

Please though, I hope more multimillionaire Republicans come forward and start bitching because they “can’t afford” an extra few percent of their income to help our country get out of this mess when we have an unemployment rate hovering around 9.1 percent. (This will likely increase over the next year as Republicans are pushing for policies of austerity.)  These congressmen are absolutely sick.

Update: Added link

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