A Great Injustice

Tonight, Troy Davis was murdered.

PZ Myers says it well:

The state of Georgia killed him. As I said before, I don’t care whether he was guilty or innocent, the death penalty is barbarous and irrevocable. There was no justice this evening, only vengeance.

Also, tonight, in the most murderous state (with regards to capital punishment), Lawrence Russell Brewer was murdered. Yes, he was an absolutely terrible person who committed one of the most heinous hate crimes in recent memory and I am in no way defending his actions. But, this does not mean we needed to kill him.  I would hope we are a society above that. Sadly, that is not true. No one deserves to go through capital punishment. Killing people is wrong. Toss them in a maximum security prison for life. They will not escape and it is more humane than murder. Not to mention it is also cheaper. See here. Money is not the issue; the issue is someone’s life.

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