Challenge for Rick Perry!

The other night, before the Google-Fox News debate, Perry talked to a roomful of a few thousand activists.  During that talk, this is part of what Perry said, “as I campaign for president, I not only ask you for your vote and your support, I ask you for your prayers.”

So I have a challenge for Perry.  Stop campaigning entirely and instead ask people to pray.  Do not ask people to vote.  Lets see what happens with God and your supporters prayers.  Will God magically add the majority of votes to you because you had millions of people praying and you in turn win the presidency?  Or will this turn out like when you asked people to pray for rain in Texas and instead your state faced record drought and wildfires?  If you believe in the power of prayer, than that should alone be enough for you to win the election and become president.  Unless of course, prayer doesn’t work.  Oh, and no cheating like your predecessor, Bush.

2 thoughts on “Challenge for Rick Perry!

  1. This reminds me of a Abortion Clinic defense I went on once, there was a guy with a t-shirt saying “Pray for an end to Abortion” and I thought, if he just confined himself to praying for it instead of harassing women then we wouldn’t have an issue. Needless to say he didn’t have sufficient faith in the value of prayer to rely on it. No doubt Perry will feel he needs to do more than pray and ask for prayers too. Pity.

    • Ha! I love that. If you tell them that in person they will say, “that’s not how God works!” Well, then why pray in the first place? Or when people pray for trivial things like in Texas over high school football games. Yes, I’m sure God really cares who wins your football game.
      Also, I might add that I enjoy that Perry claims he erred on the side of life, which he will always do. (In regards to the HPV mandate.) Ok, except for the death penatly!

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