HIV Vaccine? Vaccine Week! Get Your Flu Shot!

Gizmodo reports that,

Spanish researchers have completed the first human trial of a new vaccine against HIV. It has been successful in 90% of the HIV-free volunteers during phase I testing.

The first human test results were published in Vaccine and Journal of Virology. In the experiment, scientists injected the vaccine in 24 of 30 HIV-free volunteers. Six volunteers were treated with a placebo vaccine—they didn’t experience any effect. But 90% of the treated subjects developed a very strong immunological response against the HIV virus. 85% kept the immunological reaction for at least one year, which is really good news.

According to their results, there were no significant secondary effects in any of the patients, which was one of the major objectives of to be tested in this clinical trial.

This is good, and I am glad that Dr. Esteban said the following,

[T]he treatment has only been tested on 30 volunteers and, while [the vaccine] provokes a powerful response in most of the cases, it’s still to soon if the resulting defense would be effective against an actual [HIV] infection.

This vaccine, if it is found to work is still many mnay years away from coming to the market.  This has only been tested in phase I trials.  It still has to go through phase II and III.

Anyways, even though this won’t help now, hopefully it will in the future.  We are looking at a lot more trials, and in turn, a lot more chances for this vaccine to fail.  Generally phase III requires at least two successful trials.  Hopefully this can get that far.

On a side note, it is vitally important that people receive their recommended vaccinations.  This includes the flu shot.  These vaccinations are incredibly safe and the anti-vax movement has been debunked over and over.  That movement is extremely dangerous to public health.  Even if you say, “oh, well I never get the flu or I don’t mind it if I do,”  you can pass it on to someone else.  And that someone else could die.  Go and get the vaccine, it only takes a few minutes.

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