HPV Vaccination for Males!

The CDC just recommended that males get an HPV vaccination.

See here, over at Scienceblogs.  They have a good write-up on the reasons why males must also be vaccinated.

It’s important for everyone to get their vaccinations.  There are very little risks and the vaccines are extremely safe.  It takes more than 90% of a population to be vaccinated in order to effectively eliminate the virus.

On a similar note, people should start getting their flu vaccinations now.  It takes a bit for it to start working so Halloween is a good date.  If you don’t want to deal with needles, find where FluMist is offered.  (Call the visiting nurse association.)  It’s a nasal spray and is less intrusive.  I’ll be getting mine this week.

Those horror stories you’ve heard about vaccinations.  Well, they are not true.  Vaccinations are safe and do not cause autism.  If you feel that you will “put up” with the consequences of the flu, etc.  well, please realize that you can be a carrier.  And that person who gets the flu from you might not fare so well.  There’s no reason not to get a flu vaccination.

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