The Republican Who Gets The Most

Romney will certainly be hurt from this caucus considering he won 25.2% in 2008 (2nd) and is looking at ~25% in 2012 and possibly first.  That means all he did was not gain any voters.  Hopefully, with Santorum’s finish of either 1st or 2nd, the donors will funnel money into his campaign further hurting Romney.  Even if Paul won, which he didn’t I seriously doubt Serious Donor’s would have funneled much into Paul’s campaign as it is pretty obvious he won’t beat Obama and quite frankly, many of his views are not in line with theirs.

Anyways, looks like the Big Winner could very well be Santorum in terms of media coverage, donations, momentum, etc. with the Big Loser being Romney with the contest drawn out further.

Oh, and for the others running… Who cares?  It will be interesting to note who drops out but other than that…. Yeah.  Gingrich might get in the news a bit with South Carolina but that’s in a while.

Revised to fix Romney’s percentage in 2008 caucus.

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