There’s A New Nutcase Around Town

Over the past couple of days, a video of a man by the name of Tommy Jordan went viral.  See here:

Now in this video, Jordan decides that since his daughter posted a note on HER Facebook about how many chores she has to do, the father freaks out.  The young woman is all but 15 years old.  The father then decides that since she did this the day after she was ungrounded after 3 months (3 months!  She’s 15!) for doing a similar thing (which he wouldn’t name), he should mimic what she did, post a video on Youtube and Facebook.

Ok, if you want more synopsis, watch the video.

Now the notes and I won’t go through every point:

1. His daughter is 15 years old.  –> Jordan spied on her Facebook.  This is essentially you finding her diary and reading it and then making a Youtube video about how you disagree with it and then tossing it in the fire and charging her for the paper and fire logs.

2. He punished his daughter before for 3 months for an unknown reason.  –> If you over-punish, obviously the person will rebel or complain.  I can think of very few reasons why someone would have to get a 3 month punishment.

3. Girls have a tremendously hard time through high school.  Society is very brutal on them.  More on this in point 7 and the info below.

4.  If you want to really teach her a lesson, quit smoking.  If not for your heath, for hers!  Passive smoke kills over 50,000 people in the US alone!  There’s no reason you can’t go a few minutes without smoking.  All you’re doing is promoting it.

5.  You use violence to make your point.  You shoot HER laptop 9 times.  You ruined a perfectly good computer.  Why not take it away and sell it for extra cash?  You didn’t because you thought it necessary to seek revenge.  And why do you need a .45 caliber pistol? Why do you need hollow point bullets?  There are over 31,000 gun deaths in the US annually!  You don’t need hollow point for “self defense.”

6. You now decide to ground your daughter for what seems like forever.

7.  By making this video, your intent was to humiliate your daughter.  Not locally, not nationally, but GLOBALLY.  This is abuse!  This is emotionally abusive.  You went through her stuff and abused her privacy!

8. Now some information you might want to think about.

Info: Over 50% of mental illness is through environmental pressures. OVER.  It is not all genetic.  Is humuliating a 15 year old girl globally an environmental contribution?  You bet.  She is at a very vulnerable age and there are better ways to discipline her.  Don’t you think that you would be embarrassed if every single person you meet knows about you through a Youtube video intentionally humiliating you?

How about sitting down and talking to her. Yeah, I know, you tried that.  Well try again.  We do it with North Korea, and you can do it with your daughter.  Furthermore, children rebel.  Plain and simple.  If this is her punishment for writing her thoughts out on Facebook, then what are you planning when she comes home drunk, or with drugs? Statistically, this will happen.  What are you gonna shoot now, the gas station attendant who sold her alcohol?  Sensible humans don’t resort to abuse, emotionally physically, or otherwise.

Now you’ve put yourself in a bad scenario.  Who does she come to when something actually bad happens and she needs advice on what to do?  She isn’t going to be able to count on you, because she knows you will erupt.

And no, this is not “tough love.”  This is “abusive love” and it doesn’t work.

There are countless more issues but these should be more than enough to explain the problems with Tommy Jordan’s thought process, or lack thereof.

Now I’m linking you to the father’s Facebook, to have you do what you’d like:

EDIT: And she is 15.  How do you expect her to find work?  There are child labor laws.  And she doesn’t have a car.

You should look at this too:


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