Rampant Voter Fraud up to 20% and now Disability Fraud!

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus made an accurate claim on MSNBC today, alleging that Wisconsin is a state “that was absolutely riddled with voter fraud.”  Absolutely! It is so prominent that it’s reached up to 20% of the votes.


Not only that, but now the democrats are committing fraud to get access to disability insurance.  Now up to 75% of the people you see in wheelchairs, well, they are faking it!  They not only can walk, but they can run too!  

Our parking spots are taken up by people with handicap signs, democrats and liberals, who have paid off their doctors in order to receive them.  They get preferential seating at the baseball game too!  What socialists.

From now on, we need to create a commission that provides oversight in how we grant disability.  Each person must be required to come in, forced to stand, and see what the result is.  If they refuse to do this, that means the are faking it.  Remember, it is the older people who would fake this the most because they haven’t had a job and can’t get one so this acts as their entire income.  It’s just what democrats do.


Let’s work together to save America from rampant voter fraud, and seniors pretending that they can’t walk. And remember, the democrats have this con going and we need to take a stand, once and for all!

And, go, Republicans who are against the disabled, 2012!